Sons and Daughters Makes it Stateside

For those of you who missed it, my song Sons and Daughters was featured in an episode of NBC’s hit show Parenthood!! Here is a link if you fancy checking it out.



Live Session

Click here to listen to my live session for Simon Raymonde and Amazing radio!



Thank you Jodie Canwell and Tash Broman for filming and directing this video. Large thank yous also to Mike Halls and Evelyn Burke for being in it! Please share and enjoy xx

4.00AM makes you succinct:Sons and Daughters is being

4.00AM makes you succinct:

Sons and Daughters is being played frequently on Amazing Radio
The new video will be released shortly
Played the Great Escape Festival
Have another EP prepped 

Good Morning

Rich Mahogany

Here is my session for The Mahogany Blog of my new song, Stone. You can hear it in all it’s recorded glory over on my bandcamp page. It was a real pleasure to meet up with and play for Mahogany. You should all check out the blog as it is fantastic. Keep up the good work guys.


I have finally learnt the tuning for The Wolves Act 1 and 2 by Bon Iver, my absolute favourite band in the world. I remember when Skinny Love was posted as the itunes single of the week way back when and ever since I have been devouring Bon Iver and anything else Justin Vernon turns his hand to. For those of you who love Bon Iver, check out Justin Vernon’s side projects, Volcano Choir and Gayngs. Also Deyarmond Edison (attached for your pleasure), which was a band he was in before. 

Anyway, the new tracks are up and spinning. I have more in the bag but I will hold those back for later. Akira are going to put out the next EP sometime soon. I just need to make a new video and get some artwork sorted out (hectic)…..all of which are in the works. Especially excited to see what Hazel Stroud produces in the art department. I am sitting down to write new songs right now, experimenting with fancy tunings. I should hopefully complete the new track in the next couple of weeks, a little number called ,”Foolish Love”. It is my homage to Skinny Love. Keep praying for sunshine.

music approaches

The new tracks are finally all shuffling into order and anxiously awaiting to be let loose into the wild. I am merely awaiting the arrival of high quality files for band camp….watch this space.


Unemployment Blues

Jobless but not unoccupied. However, my dwindling cash situation is not so great. I have a fear of topping up my oyster card these days! On the plus side though I have been enjoying some studio time with my friend and super talented Producer, Ian Barter. Three days, two films, two guest vocalists, two bags of roast chicken sensations, a few naps, lots of trips to the station, one dominating flute line, three cats and one dead shrew later I emerged from Mr Barter’s studio with five new songs!!


No that’s not me in case you were thinking I’ve been radically altered into a pretty lady. It is the delightful Sophie Jamieson laying down some sweet vocals for my new song, Fields of England. It really is a pleasure to hear someone sing the words you wrote to the music you thought up and for it to sound lovely. That may sound arrogant but forgive me this once. Thank you Sophie for coming down and singing!

Liz Lawrence also took time out from her hectic touring schedule to pop in and record our song, Sons and Daughters. I’ve been waiting a long time to record that song up and it really turned out well.  I’ll get finished versions of the tracks up on band camp soon. Here’s a picture of Ian Barter spreading some sweet vibes with the flute in the meanwhile.


You’ve got to go barefoot when coaxing sweet sweet music out of the silver pipe!

Which leads us finally to the very cool news of Extension Music signing me to their roster!! Extension will be pitching my songs for syncs. Which hopefully means that you will be hearing my dulcet tones whilst two people make out on a hit TV show sometime in the near future!! Keep your fingers crossed.

New Lyrics

In the morning, in the morning
Watch the colours fade upstream
The Shape of You and the spell of your name
I’ll remember you

I can’t see you with my eyes
I Will hold you with my hands
I Wish I Wish I Wish I Wish
I hope this will last

I’m Lost in the Shape of You
I’m Lost in the Shape of You
I’m Lost in the Shape of You
I’m Lost in the Shape of You


Lowell, Liz and Sophie

“Ladies,beautiful ladies!” As the great  Baron Munchausen once said. What a classic film.
I am lucky enough these days to have not one or two but three lovely Ladies to assist me in my musical endeavours. Lowell and I will be in the studio for three days next week cooking up some songs. We will also be working on a new version of Bury My Heart which I never felt I got right before so I’m very excited about that. You should all keep Lowell on your radars, she has just been asked to play The Great Escape down at Brighton and I have a feeling she will be a big deal (sort of like rich mahogany) in the years to come.

Lowell sans shoes mais, avec socks.

Lowell sans shoes mais, avec socks.

Liz Lawrence and Sophie Jamieson are two excellent singer songwriters who will be joining me when I travel down to see one of my Producers, the lovely Ian Barter. Liz and I will be finally be recording our song, Our Kingdom and Sophie is very kindly singing on a new song of mine called , Fields of England which is a companion piece to my song English Rain. I am really pleased that all of these very talented lasses agreed to work with me. I am hoping to get some new songs up here fairly soon so keep your ears peeled.




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